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The Dawns

All about us

Mila (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Imogen (Backing Vocals & Bass), Georgia (Lead Guitar) and Elliott (Drums), four Kiwi girls doing what they do best, playing music and enjoying themselves while doing it. After five years of playing and performing music together, The Dawns have grown out of the garage and into the eye of the world. While seeming incompatible and "too young", The Dawns have proved everyone wrong showing the world who they truly are. Not playing into the girly acoustic sound of most girls their age, The Dawns strive to break that mould with their indie alternative rock. The Dawns are a group of determined young girls who belong on the stage playing the music they love. A promising future lies ahead of The Dawns and they will continue to form to their potential every single day, together.

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