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The Dawns

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The Dawns

All about us

Mila (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Imogen (Backing Vocals & Bass), Georgia (Lead Guitar) and Elliott (Drums), four Kiwi girls doing what they do best, playing music and enjoying themselves while doing it. After five years of playing and performing music together, The Dawns have grown out of the garage and into the eye of the world. While seeming incompatible and "too young", The Dawns have proved everyone wrong showing the world who they truly are. Not playing into the girly acoustic sound of most girls their age, The Dawns strive to break that mould with their indie alternative rock. The Dawns are a group of determined young girls who belong on the stage playing the music they love. A promising future lies ahead of The Dawns and they will continue to form to their potential every single day, together.

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Seven Sharp (interview)

What Now (live performance & interview) 


Smokefree Rockquest

Cassette Nine (Madcap showcase)

Cassette Nine 

Tuning Fork (New Found Sound finals) 

Head High (appearance in show) 


Sound Splash 2022

Kingsland Guitar Festival 

95bfm (interview & live performance)

Tuning Fork

Tuning Fork (DARTZ Hoons tour)

The Underground 

Anthology longue

Tuning Fork (Odds & Ends Better Days Tour) 

The Underground

Cassette Nine (Mad Cap Showcase)

Abandoned Pool Gig 


Big Fan (Fan Club Single release Party)

The Underground

Tuning Fork (Park rd Single Release Tour)

Whammy Bar (Sofia Machray E.P Release Tour)

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Elliott Smart

- Drummer -

Known for her energy and 'pocket drumming', Elliott is the foundation of The Dawns. Since she was little Elliott dreamed of being the greatest rockstar, and with The Dawns she grows closer to that dream everyday.

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Imogen Pearce

- Bassist -

As the chill and laidback member of the group Imogen is the grounding force of The Dawns. Playing Bass is her passion and she's pretty damn good at it. Imogen's conquered the bass and now with The Dawns she can conquer the world.

Mila Guttenbeil

- Lead Singer -

From the day Mila could talk she was singing 24/7. At young ages Mila would put on shows for her family, being on stage is where she belongs and now with The Dawns she can put on shows for the world.

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Georgia Wallace

- Lead guitarist -

After learning guitar at a young age Georgia continued to grow her skills to the max. With The Dawns, Georgia was given the spotlight and is now constantly shocking the crowd with her insane guitar solos.

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